Lycosea Caps.

Grape Seed Extract 25mg + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 12mg + Lutein 8% 3mg + Lycopene 6% 2mg + Vitamin A Conc. 5000 I.U.+ Vitamin B1 1.4 mg + Vitamin B2 1.6 mg + Vitamin B6 1.5mg + Vitamin B12 1 mcg + Folic Acid 200 mcg + Selenium Dioxide 75mcg

10 x10 Alu-Alu

This formulation is given in many cases to treat chronic conditions like High BP ,High cholestrol  cancer ,stroke etc.

Lycopene is a kind of one pigment like carotenoid . It is related to beta-carotene and gives some vegetables and fruit a red color. Many minerals and multi-vitamin makes it favorite of every speciality.