DILOCUS HERBAL is a blend of natural sources to treat  cough and allergic irritation of  throat .Dilocus gives immediate relief and ensure patient compliance beacuse of its taste.Beacuse of...

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Diclik Oil

Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Oil 50 ML Pet bottle The blend of best herbs which treat pain beyond imagination and improves the quality of life.This is the best source  from selected herbs to treat...

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M2 Time

Female Uterine Tonic (Herbal) 200 ml pet bottle with carton This is effective combination of different selective herbs to treat problems related with mensuration This is the safe and effective drug...

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Herbal Liver Tonic (Strong Formula) 200 ml pet bottle with carton Livocheck xt is a herbal preparation to treat liver ailments. It is widely acceptable formulation to treat all type of liver related...

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