RIDCULI  200 ML SYP Ayurvedic preparation for treating Kidney related problems


An Ayurvedic Product offers multiple benefits to treat kidney stones,burning sensation during urination,                urinary  tract infections.This preparation is safe and effective to treat kidney related problems.                                     Dosage: Consume 5-10 ml twice a day  to achieve desired result or as directed by physician.

Ridculi  is a combination of Ayurvedic Herbs like pashanbhed, gokhru, palash pushp, kulthi, daru haldi, amla, trifla, punarva, makoy, sudha shilajit, lajjalu, varun chal, kakdi beej, mooli beej, charila which considered to be very effective to treat kidney related problems with devoid of side effects unlike allopathic medicines.

Ridculi is  a kind of preparartion which treats urinary tract and kidney related problems at ease.