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August 28, 2023

Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India

Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India

Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India-Neuropsychiatry refers to a clinical branch that includes both neurological and psychiatric disciplines and the treatment of the two pathologies. Neuropsychiatry is also called the nervous system science of behavior. The foundation of neuropsychiatric issues can be traced to actual injury, mental confusion, unexplained development, or expected consequences of various problems. To meet the need of neuro products in the market in India, there are many neuropsychiatry organizations participating in India. Here you will find the list of top 10 neuro pharma companies in India.

Curasia Medilabs

Curasia Medilabs is a neuropsychiatric medical company guaranteeing a dependable entry for affordable, quality, WHO-GMP and ISO-backed items in general health sector. We are a mission-driven company dedicated to providing the best quality neuropsychiatric medicine to patients and public health providers. As India’s leading Neuropsychiatric company, we are also involved in India’s top PCD Franchise, Pharma Franchise, Manufacturer and Provider. Benefits of being a part of the topmost Pharma Franchise Company for Neuropsychiatry medicine range.

Orange Biotech

   Top Neurology Companies in India A well-developed medical care firm, Orange Biotech. They are an ISO 9001-2008 certified pharma company licensed with WHO-GMP approval. The company sizes and marks its items using 100 percent protected and excellent raw components that are procured from top shippers of the industry. Furthermore, they are supported by exceptionally effective experts and pharma experts whose steadfast direction is reflected on their rich quality medicine portfolio.

Biostem Pharma

Biostem Pharma is another neuropsychiatry company in India. The company deals in exceptionally bargains in the Neuro range owing to the high requirements of the customers. With an experience of more than 10 years in the Pharma sector, the company has now expanded its Neuro Range Pharma Franchise Administration to every region of the country. They have a good position and magnanimity in the pharma market.

Bioversal Remedies

Bioversal Remedies is the  Pharma Franchise Company for Neuropsychiatry Pharma. The company’s neuro results are enthusiastically recommended by pharma experts and experts. It strictly adheres to all the quality control parameters prescribed by the Indian Pharma Association. The company lays emphasis on making the best quality items in the widest reach so that it can reach out to a much wider crowd.

Swisschem Medical Services

Swisschem Medical Services, a worldwide leader, offers a diverse range of Pharma items at critical costs. It offers full scope of DCGI and FSSAI-backed pharma products at cut-off valuations to the franchisee. SwissChem is probably one of the best 10 neuropsychiatry organizations in India, which is known for its various benefits and attractive qualities. This partnership also provides infrastructure independence, working privileges, rewards and deal motivators for PCD franchisees. In addition, they manage neuropsychiatry injections, containers, drops, and powders. They work in accordance with WHO and GMP principles to safeguard the company’s enhanced expectations.


Syndicate Life Sciences

Syndicate Life Sciences Pvt Ltd is a worldwide pioneer in Pharma details assembling and showcasing, that has capability to manufacture, trade and offer a shifted and great assortment of Pharma items. Over a long period of time, this Neuro medicine company in India has maintained its magnanimity in business by offering top notch Neuro items for commercial use. To manufacture our items, we make use of quality material procured from genuine and trusted market dealers having wide involvement in this sector. The company operates according to informal laws and strives to maintain a high level of trust in the market.



Emocare, being one of the best Neuropsychiatry franchise companies, is associated with exhibiting, assembling and exporting excellent Neuropsychiatry items. We cover the neuro range, including the enemies of epileptics, antispasmodics, anxiolytics, antidepressants etc.

They are fulfilling the needs of the customers and people by offering the best neuropsychiatric products. Pharma experts and doctors strongly endorse Imocare’s Neuro products for the treatment of various types of mental problems, which are usually the first focus. This startup is rethinking the way neuro items are viewed in the public eye with a specific concern in mind. Accordingly, it is also seen as the best neuropsychiatry organization in India.

Texas Therapeutics

Texas Therapeutics is the most trusted company for Neuropsychiatry range PCD Franchise and Outsider Assembling. The company has its own huge assembling plant and current hardware. The company was established in the year 2014 and has made tremendous achievements in the pharma sector. Association has limitation regarding creation of huge scope and accordingly you don’t need to assert on quantity of objects.

Gracia Life Sciences –

Top 10 Neurology Pharma Company in India Chandigarh based Neurology Company Gracia Life Sciences is another legitimate association that focuses on gathering, exchanging, providing and displaying an ample scope of Neuro medicines. The company is powered by a highly skilled master group that harnesses cutting-edge innovation and top-to-bottom capability for exceptional and steady development of novel medicines.

Eridanus Healthcare

Eridanus Healthcare is a quality-driven company with hands-on experience in various neurosciences categories. Over a long period, the company has won the trust of each and every client and customers across the country owing to its unmatched range of neuropsychiatric medicines. They are constantly finding and working on ways to differentiate and decide different neuropsychiatric conditions through viable definitions. As the company is considered a leader in this segment, they keep on adding better and imaginative medicines to their neuro reach.


We are sure that you will find the right Neuropsychiatric Pharma company from the above list. All things considered, all the companies are giving extreme competition to each other as all of them are best in terms of quality and administration. Tie up with any of the top neuropsychiatry company in India will take you high in the pharma business.

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Top 10 Neuro Pharma Companies in India

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